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Stage 6, Trophée d’Or Féminin

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

The race finished last night with the 100km sixth stage from St-Germain du Puy to St-Amand Montrond.  As usual there is not much information to go on.  It finished in a bunch sprint… and Bronzini didn’t win!!  Her team mate Eneritz Iturriaga did.

Vicki has apparently finished the tour in 14th overall.  I don’t say that with any great confidence given how often I have been wrong this week but I doubt there will ever be any results beyond the top ten available so no one will be able to prove me wrong.  Maybe I should claim she finished 11th.  🙂

It has been a reasonably successful tour for the Aussies.  The team had at least 4 top ten finishes in the stages and three riders high in one or other of the classifications at some stage during the week.  Rochelle Gilmore was second in both the points and general classification for the first three stages, Carlee Taylor was third in the youth classification after stage 5 (and at the finish I would think) and Vicki was second in the mountains classification after stages 1 and 3.

As you can see Vicki is now plugged back into the net so I will sign off.  This should be my last entry on her blog this year.  If you look at Vicki’s calendar you’ll see that she has a time trial next weekend and then the World Champs after that.  (Assuming she is selected.  I might be just a little biased but I think Vicki has done enough in Europe this year to make the team.)  Both events have good web sites and are close to Vicki’s base in Castronno so she can blog for herself.

So it’s goodbye from me, thanking you for your patience and interest…

God bless,

More information avaliable…

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Ok, some more information is now available… and it’s not all good news.

In Stage 5 the unofficial blog shows Vicki:  finishing in 8th place (good result);  out of the top 10 on general classification (guess she must have lost time after at least one of her lead out efforts earlier in the week);  and out of the top 3 in the mountains classification (yeah, well…).

Don’t know about you but I’m wishing the complete results were available so I could work out what was going on.  🙁


Stage 5, Trophée d’Or Féminin

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Good morning.

Stage 5 has been run and won… don’t know by whom though!  It was the race’s hardest stage – a 92km loop starting and finishing in Cosne-sur-Loire with 6 categorised climbs.  Vicki sent me a text saying that she thinks she is now sixth on general classification (i.e. in the overall) but is not too pleased as she missed the key break.

The mountains classification is “well and truly gone by about 50 points.”  She thinks she has probably moved down to third.  From what I can work out Vicki’s team decided the QOM was not a priority for it.  Pity.  🙁

Tonight is the last stage.  It is 100km from St-Germain du Puy to St-Amand Montrond.  Vicki will attempt to hang onto (or improve) her overall position but this may be hard to do if the director decides to spend the team trying for a sprint victory.  We will have to wait and see.

God bless,

QOM Standings

Friday, August 29th, 2008

A quick update on the mountain classification after Stage 4 – the leader is Ludivine Henrion with 50 points, Vicki is second with 22 points and Noemi Cantele is third with 20 points.

Double header: Trophée d’Or Stages 3 & 4

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

What could be more fun than having a race a day?  Why having two races in a day!  Last night the girls raced the 56km Stage 3 from Orval to St Amand, had a short break and then backed up on the 74km Stage 4 from Sancoins to Orval.  Ever felt like you were going in circles?

The information I have for these stages is again patchy.  Peta’s blackberry is apparently having issues so I only have a few text messages and some cryptic comments on the unofficial blog to go on.  (The blog probably makes more sense in the original French!)

The Stage 3 results were much the same as Stages 1 & 2:  Bronzini won with Rochelle Gilmore, the Australian National Team sprinter, coming second.  Bet she’s getting a bit frustrated!!  Once again Vicki was on lead out duties…  with all this practice she is going to end up being the lead out queen!

Vicki was able to do some work for herself during the stage and has moved back up to second in the mountains classification.  She reports that she is some way behind the leader but will still try to contest for the jersey.  Vicki also put in a solid attack with 12km to go but there were too many teams wanting it to come down to a sprint and she was chased down.

The general classification after Stage 3 sees Bronzini extend her lead over Rochelle.

And the winner for Stage 4 was… go on, guess.  If you said Bronzini you would be right!  That woman is on fire!!  There was one change:  Rochelle didn’t finish second as she found two hillier stages in one day had taken it out of her legs.

Vicki again played the domestique, smashing herself chasing down lots of attacks by the Bigla team to ensure the stage finished with a bunch kick.  Bronzini must be really happy with her.  🙂

I’m doing some serious extrapolation from the blog here but it seems the the QOM leader, Ludivine Henrion, managed to get into a break and claim some serious points in Stage 4.  It’s not mathematically impossible for Vicki to still win (seems there are 6 categorised climbs tomorrow??) but given the work Vicki has been putting in for the team…

Tomorrow’s Stage 5 is not one for the sprinters and should end Bronzini’s run of stage victories.  It starts in Cosne-sur-Loire, covers 92km over some difficult terrain and then finishes back where it started.  That circle thing again.  Vicki is likely to be given some freedom to try her luck in a break.  Hopefully she will have something left after all the hard work she has been doing…

God bless,

Stage 2, Trophée d’Or Féminin

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Greetings and salutations.

Stage 2 was a 112km race starting and finishing in Avord. I have very few details at the moment about what happened.  Bronzini won the stage making it two wins from two stages and so retains the “gold” leader’s jersey.  Rochelle has two second places from two stages.

Doesn’t look like Vicki was able to take the climber’s jersey. According to her text message (no email today 🙁 ) she again lead out Rochelle at the finish and may or may not have finished with the bunch time. It’s the job of the lead out riders to spend all their energy getting their sprinter into a good position. When they pull off there is nothing left in the legs so they just roll across the line and not always with the front bunch. I have no idea where Vicki sits on the general classification but I doubt it is at the top.

Tonight the race has a double header with both Stage 3 (56km from Orval to St Amand) and Stage 4 (74km from Sancoins to Orval) on the same day. No rest for the wicked I suppose.

God bless,

Found some info

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Hi again.

I have found an “unofficial” blog of the Trophée d’Or. For those of you who can read French (and I know there are a few of you out there) it looks like it will help you to follow what’s going on to some extent. For those of you who are linguistical philistines (and I include myself in this category) try using the google language tool to translate the page. Another option would be babelfish. If nothing else it’ll give you a laugh as you try to read the mangled English these programs come up with. I don’t think we will be doing away with human translators any time soon!


Under the radar – Trophée d’Or Féminin Stage 1

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


Vicki is off at another stage race, this time in France.  Not exactly sure where in France as the Trophée d’Or Féminin is flying under the radar.  It is a UCI ranked race (2.2) but there is nothing about it that I can find on the web.  NOTHING!  It doesn’t seem to have its own web site, hasn’t put up results for the first stage (though they might do so yet) and all the references I can find when I google it are either results from previous years or someone’s calendar suggesting that it will be on again this year.  At least I know that Vicki is actually racing and not fibbing about working hard whilst she has a fun week slacking off in France. 🙂

These updates are probably going to be a bit patchy given the marked lack of information available.  Vicki is actually sending me short emails using Peta Mullens‘ blackberry.  Peta is one of her friends and team mates – they share a bedroom back in Castronno.  Thanks Peta!

Ok, so now to details of the first stage…  according to Vicki it was a fairly flat 76km stage which finished with 4 laps of a technical 3.8km circuit.  Apparently this tour has a tradition of sprint finishes.  Not really Vicki’s cup of tea but she has been steadily improving in them over the year.  Rochelle Gilmore is in the Australian team for this race so Vicki will be doing a lot of work for her in the sprints.  She’s worked for Rochelle before with good results.  This stage was no exception, with Rochelle finishing second to Bronzini after Vicki chased the attempted breaks in the closing kilometers and started the lead-out train.  After pulling off Vicki managed to finish with the front bunch… just.  Her description of today’s stage was that it was “the wake up my legs needed after the world cup.”

I have to admit that lately when Vicki says that a ride was fairly flat I have my suspicions.  After some of the races she has done in the Alps and Pyrenees her view of what constitutes a climb has become a little warped.  Last night’s stage can’t have been totally flat – Vicki is currently sitting second in the Queen of the Mountains (QOM) competition.  For the uninitiated, this is a race-within-a-race where points are awarded to the first riders over specified climbs.  The number of riders who are awarded points and the amount of points on each climb is determined by its severity.  Vicki won the second QOM after Rochelle lead her out.  Isn’t team work grand?

Tonight’s Stage 2 is 112km long and “possibly a bit hillier.”  Vicki is going to try to take the lead on the QOM competition.  I’m guessing her motivation for this is that the leader gets to wear a special jersey… a polka dot jersey!  I know how much Vicki likes to wear polka dots! 😉

God bless,

Note:  I’ve since found a few details about the race here:  Now at least I have some idea where Vicki is!